1v1 Creative Tournament

Hey everyone!
We will be releasing the registrations for one of the many events that we will be hosting throughout the School Holidays!

Our first publicized event will be a 1v1 Creative Competition.
Here is some key info regarding the event.

Event Manager: @Emerge Kermitic LFPD
Date: 29th June 
Prize: Starting at $20 (GC)
Map Code: 7324 4675 2042
Weapons Available: Blue AR + Gold Combat Shotgun.

We will be allowing 60 people to compete in the event.
The first 60 to register will be placed in the bracket. Anyone that signs their name down after will be put on the reserve list and contacted if required.

You can register in the following channel by entering your Epic Games Name. #1v1-registrations
Exact timings, rules, and extra info will be announced closer to the event date.

Kind Regards
Event Management

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