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Welcome to Tribe Live!

Trive Live Gaming is an online events platform.
Tribe Live originally started as a weekly event platform in late 2018. Tribe Live was gathering weekly players and had a huge hit of 300+ weekly participation levels by the beginning of 2019. Throughout 2019, Tribe Live has had immense growth in community bases. Our community at Tribe has been a great enthusiast in driving us to deliver the best community based events. Tribe Live Gaming is based around the online game 'Fortnite'. Our events are always based on community choice and we make sure that we value our community over anything.

Tribe Live is based on an online platform called 'Discord'. Discord is a software similar to Skype and TeamSpeak. It is geared specifically toward video game players, providing them with ways to find each other, coordinate play, and talk while playing.

Tribe Live is always open to new users.

Download "Discord" and use the following link to start your journey with us. 

1v1 Creative Tournament

Hey everyone!
We will be releasing the registrations for one of the many events that we will be hosting throughout the School Holidays!

Our first publicized event will be a 1v1 Creative Competition.
Here is some key info regarding the event.

Event Manager: @Emerge Kermitic LFPD
Date: 29th June 
Prize: Starting at $20 (GC)
Map Code: 7324 4675 2042
Weapons Available: Blue AR + Gold Combat Shotgun

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